Playing with Aperture/ Depth of field

Yesterday I decided to play with the Aperture priority setting on my camera, as previously I’ve only stuck to the shutter priority and sports mode. Since starting University I’ve stepped out of these two modes and starting to use Manual a lot more and am slowly getting to grips with it – studying Equine previously I’m completely new to camera’s having self taught myself to use mine without knowing what exactly I’m doing. Though yesterday I thought I’d play with the Aperture and Depth of field. 

The first image shows a small depth of field using a small aperture of F/5 and the second image showing a larger depth of fielding using a larger aperture of F/13. As you can tell by the pictures the smaller depth of field keeps the object more in focus – you can’t really tell whats in the background, but in the second image the background is a lot clearer. when experimenting with the settings I found the higher the F stop the more blurrier the image got. 

Later in the week I’ll be uploading another post of testing depth of field out, in the outdoors.



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