Surrey British Wildlife Centre

Last Sunday I visited the Surrey British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey, UK. The centre is home to over forty different native species from the harvest mice to the red deer.
In 1997 the centre was started by David Mills. Previous to this Mills had a herd of successful pedigree Jersey cows on site. The centre was set up to educate the public on our native wildlife which at first was only open to pre-booked groups but in 2000 they opened to the public.

Throughout the day they have various talks on the species and an owl display at the end (I didn’t realize how tiny the little owl was! So cute). They also have a little nature reserve onsite. I really enjoyed my visit and would recommend going. It was nice to see live badgers as well as the only ones I see are dead on the side of the road.
Of course on my visit I took plenty of pictures which I will be uploading over the next week with a little bit about the species. All of which I am adding to a new category which can be picked on the bottom left of the main blog page ‘British Wildlife Centre’. Just so all images and this text are grouped together and easier to locate.
On an end note, the pictures I post will also be available for prints. Please contact me (details found via the contact page) if you are interested in purchasing a print as the money will go towards funding for a 2 week expedition next year at university!

For more info on the centre please visit:

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