Pick me, Pick me

Pick me, Pick me

Prints available: 6 x 4, 8 x 6 & A5 via contacting through contact details page
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Adult Size& Weight: Males(Bucks) – 84-94cm at shoulder, 46-94kg. Females (Does) 73-91cm at shoulder, 35-56kg.

Antlers: Increase in size with age, up to 70cm, palmate in adult.

Life Span: Males rarely exceed 8-10 years.

Habitat: Mature broadleaf woodland with under-story, open coniferous woodland, open agricultural land.

Distribution: Widespread in England and Wales, Patchy in Scotland.

Diet: Grazers of grasses, trees and dwarf shrub shoots may be eaten during autumn and winter.

Breeding and vocalisation: During the rut the males groan, fawns give a short bark when alarmed. Females give birth to a single fawn in June after a gestation of 229 days.

The fallow deer was introduced by the Normans in the 11th century, though some suggest the Romans attempted to introduce much earlier. The deer are active throughout the 24 hour period but peak times are at dawn and dusk.

Economic factors of the fallow deer are that they browse on tree shoots and agricultural crops, this puts them in conflict with farmers and foresters. High local densities can result in high local levels of damage.

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