Summer Wildlife

I was meant to write and post this at the end of the summer when I had finished working but somehow never got round to it.

I worked most of the summer but working didn’t limit the wildlife I saw.

At the beginning of the summer I had 2 weeks where I wasn’t working, during these weeks I spent my time getting up early and looking for foxes and deer in the park and forest just a few moments walk from where I live. I also visited various reserves/wildlife places just to explore and see what was around. I also spent time photographing the Great Spotted Woodpeckers and their young before they fled.

Then the work began and the photography had to take a bit of a backseat, alas the wildlife spotting did not. I am very fortunate where I work to it be incredibly wildlife-y. Over the summer  I have lost count of the endless amounts of Red Kites I see soaring over the field whilst poo-picking – whilst nobody else notices I do and stop and look in awe all the time. Out hacking I managed to see two foxes playing in the mid-afternoon sun, I have been lucky enough to see a harvest mouse as well whilst out at work. Whilst at work unable to photograph I made a bird list of the birds seen at work and some of these are; Red kite, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, parakeet, pied wagtail, goldfinch, swallow, swift, house martin and kestrel. Each time I spotted a new bird to add to the list it got me more and more hyped up about discovering more wildlife around the grounds. The majority of the time I did wish I could stop what I was doing, click my fingers to make the camera appear and get snapping!

When work came to an end I focused again on the wildlife this time I wasn’t lucky with the foxes but did manage a hedgehog!

So that was my summer! I am now back at University for the 2nd year searching for the wildlife up here 🙂

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