Finland: 18/04/14 – Day 2

Fell asleep in the hide bunks last night, woke up around 4 as heard the guide saying that there is 2 bears outside. I dozed off again for a bit then woke up to ”3 bears”, I looked around no one else was moving so I thought why not just get up. Once it got lighter I took some more pictures, soon enough 7am and it was time to leave the hide. We went back the same way we got there, snow mobile and jeep.

Once showered and fed we went on a walk to try and find the mill, we didn’t find it (think we missed the turn somehow) but we did come across a river and a frozen lake. We also saw loads of tracks on the ground – possibly a moose.

At 3.30ish we set off to the swamp hide. This hide is a lot smaller and simpler than the pro hide from the previous night.

It took about 2/3 hours for a bear to appear. The waiting time was spent talking, drinking tea and reading. There was also lots of sounds coming from the woods. In the end we saw three bears this night.

Brown Bear (ursus arctos)

Brown Bear (ursus arctos)

Once it was dark we went to sleep which was a bit uncomfortable (3 people in a 2 person hide…). We all woke up freezing cold and stiff and to a sight of a bear in the same place it was last night….ImageImageImage

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