6 thoughts on “Critical Feedback Needed: On Location Exhibit

  1. Ok… I hope I understood correctly your needs… My english is sometimes bad.

    – I don’t like the rounded corner pictures. Or maybe the corner’s radius is to strong.
    – I don’t like the font on the front page. I would like to see something like Josefin Sans Semi-Bold
    – The horizontal spacing between text and picture is not enough at page 9
    – At page 11, the « things to consider » box’s font is too big and the box is ugly.
    – The pictures are wonderful!
    – Try to standardize the font’s size (try using sans font… ) I don’t like serif… 🙂
    – Spacing between pictures in page 3 should be standardized.

    I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I think having no curved edges on the photos would look more professional, and maybe choose a more professional, yet elegant and classy still, font for the front cover. It looks so sick though! 🙂

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