Wildmoor Heath – 25/08/18

On Saturday evening I headed off to Wildmoor Heath in the hope to capture a sunset over the heath with all the heather in bloom. Unfortunately when I got there it was rather cloudy but I was blessed with seeing a Roe Deer instead. Under the canopy of the trees she was munching on what looked to be acorns. At first she was wary of my presence and fled after one snap barking a warning to fellow deer hidden in the heathland. I wandered around the reserve having a little explore, on my way back she was there again, I hid behind some trees and slowly moved closer snapping as I went. She watched me for a bit then continued to graze. It was getting dark and being conscious of having to leave the open heathland to walk through the woods to get back to the car I left the deer in peace. As I was about to enter the dark woods a big fluffy fox was trotting towards me, I had already opened the metal gate, the clang of metal piercing the silence, the fox had clocked me before I had time to think and away he ran into the heathland.IMG_1349-Edit

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