Dalston 09/02/13

Today I embarked on my second  walk to Dalston. The first time I remember it being finely beautiful as it was snowing and the whole walk was a pretty site, it really did take my breath away. Today however was a bit of a gloomy day. Nevertheless the river was still an appealing site with its crystal clear water with hints of blue reminding me of them scenes in films where there is a blue tinge to a secluded natural pool. I rather fancied a dip if it wasn’t winter. Whilst walking I was scanning the river for Otters and the grasslands for Buzzards, I didn’t have much luck with these. There was plenty of dippers dipping the river though!


I reached Dalston a wet mess from the drizzling rain my yeti slightly soggy feeling like a wet sheep (I think I looked like one too). As soon as I walked from under the Church archway I sighed a sigh of relief. It looked the same as it had done a few weeks ago minus the snow. People bustling around, popping in and out of the bakery, smiling and talking to each other. I headed straight for the field the horses were in (typical I know). I started off shooting in colour but wasn’t happy with the outcome as they just looked boring and bleak. I changed to black and white which I feel worked better as this represented the murky weather and the slight misery lingering in the air, the horses looked none too pleased with the weather, their wet coat clamped together. After this I thought I’d see what the bakery had to offer and sit on a wet bench and just think over lunch.


After lunch I shot some black and white pictures of Dalston before heading back on the  5 mile walk back to Carlisle. I set off at a brisk pace to warm up as I’d gotten a little chilly but this pace didn’t last for long as I was too busy finding things to stand in awe at and just look and think wow. Most of this was in fact the river but just looking at it at different angles at the water’s edge made me stand and gawp and think just how tranquil it was, I can only begin to visualize how this river would look in the summer if it’s already capturing me on a gloomy day.

DSC_0199 DSC_0201 DSC_0208

After numerous stops along the river I finally reached Carlisle. I started to walk back on a path slowly veering away from the river when I woman walking her dogs started speaking to me, asking if I’d got any good shots, then saying about the Kingfishers and where I can find them, she also mentioned the otters but she’s never seen one. She then told me about the floods and we walked back having a good natter before we parted ways. Well I suppose there’s not much else to say after this as the tranquillity I’d experienced by the river today disappeared as I hit the town where there was plenty of people to create some noise, though at this point I was trundling home, dragging my legs as they had gotten somewhat heavy at this part of the walk.

DSC_0103 DSC_0243 DSC_0264

What I’ve learnt today is that it’s nice to get away from civilisation and just walk and think. Even though photography wise I didn’t get anything amazing. It was a jolly good walk!