Finland: 25/04/14 – Day 9

So todays our last full day in Finland as tomorrow is just a travel day.

As we had a train to catch we just went for a walk by the river near town for the morning, it was nice and relaxing and there was bits of floating ice still in the river! We walked along the river a few hours before heading back to town and eating out for lunch at this buffet place before heading back to pick up our bags from the guesthouse and catching the train to Kajaani.

It was a long journey with a change but yet again I enjoyed looking out the window, daydreaming and reading as well as a nap. We arrived back at 11pm so wandered around to grab a bite to eat before walking to a hotel. We only managed to have 2 hours sleep before heading to the airport the next morning!

Day 10 was spent in airports, falling asleep in airports and reading. I on the way out I sat backwards on the aeroplane which was different but better!

Here are some pictures from day 9:




 I apologize for lack of blogging recently, started work for the summer so been pretty busy most of the week, I am working at a polo club tomorrow so then next blog will be next Friday 🙂 I have a Richmond Park blog, Beachy Head and a some up of Finland blog to do. I also have a video to edit from Finland and tons more pictures to go through and upload, which I will probably do during the week 🙂

Finland: 23/04/14 – Day 7

Wow its been a week already?!. I woke up feeling slightly groggy and boiling (strange waking up in a warm room and bed rather than a hide). After getting ready and breakfast we walked into the town centre to look around and find tourist information. The centre looks a lot better to the outskirts, much more modern. We also popped into the souvenir shop ;).

The tourist information booked us onto a 3 hour snow shoeing trip later that day, we headed back to the guesthouse to get ready for our trip. At 1.30pm we got picked up and drove to the office to get the equipment (snow boots and a big puffy overall). The forest was a 20-30 minute drive out of Rovenimeni and here there was tons of snow compared to the town.


It took me awhile to figure out how to put the snow shoe on, once this was done we set off (I sunk a lot, I think I’m heavy footed). It was actually pretty simple and fun, though running is a different story! I only fell over twice! the last time my stick got stuck in the ground…not sure how that happened. It was good fun though :).

Later on we had dinner in the town centre at a place called Martina.

Finland: 22/04/14 – Day 6

Woke up this morning to wolves! It pottered around for a bit, disappeared came back, got chased off by a bear they came back once the bears had gone but then got chased off again. But we did get to see 2 wolves! It was amazing. I could still see them walking around the parameter of the swamp, staying the trees. The bears finished off the remains and also left.

We got picked up, went back to the centre and had breakfast, showered and packed ready to leave for the station to go to Rovaniemi.

The drive was nice, I love looking out the window at the scenery there really is lots of trees! We sat in the station and waited for the train (people cross the train tracks to get to the next platform, I thought this was quite bizarre!) The first train was nice so was the second it was a double decker which is a first I’ve seen for a train! The view was nice out the window, I’m not sure why but it reminds me of Canada (not that I have ever been, just watch tons of Heartland!). Finland have these cute little houses with panelling, mostly in the middle of nowhere. When we got off the train at Rovaniemi it was quite bitter, no snow, and didn’t looked like what I had imagined. We found the guesthouse and walked into town to find somewhere to eat for dinner.


IMG_3015First sighting of Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)


Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) and Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)


Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)IMG_3041


Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)IMG_3078


Finland: 21/04/14 – Day 5

It’s freezing in the hide this morning, I am currently watching out the window – there is nothing apart from gulls and ravens….oh and one wagtail 🙂

We got picked up and drove back to the centre, we dropped our bags off and went over for breakfast. Whilst eating breakfast Kari (the professional photographer) spotted a wolverine in the trees near the yard! It moved around a bit and then tried to get into some feed bags near a shed, which was rather amusing watching it tug away. On the way out from breakfast it was still there so managed to get a closer look! We sat outside for awhile to see if it would come back, when we had our cameras. It didn’t come back, but I did managed to get a blurry blob of a creature taken on my phone.


Afterwards we napped, went on a walk to the lake, came back and sat by the bird area where we saw a brambling, great spotted woodpecker and a red squirrel. We then had lunch and headed out for the hide for the night!


Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)


Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)


Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)

We waited quite awhile then the bears came! yay, the light was beautiful so I was rather chuffed! 🙂 Whilst waiting for the bears I did a bit of biding and saw white wagtail, green sandpiper and lapwing.


Green Sandpiper (Tringa ochropus)


Yellowhammer (Emberiza citronella)


White Wagtail (Motacilla alba)

The three bears stayed till dark which in when we went to sleep.


Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)

Finland: 18/04/14 – Day 2

Fell asleep in the hide bunks last night, woke up around 4 as heard the guide saying that there is 2 bears outside. I dozed off again for a bit then woke up to ”3 bears”, I looked around no … Continue reading

Haltwhistle Expedition

On Sunday 24th March 2013 myself and Hattie Taylor set out to Haltwhistle in Northumberland, for a ‘Mini Expedition’. Taking the train from Carlisle to Haltwhistle at 2pm, that was when the thrill of finding something kicked in. During the half hour journey I gazed out the window, at the passing countryside, changing from grassy fields to snowy fields. I remember thinking “whoa, its strange how it just changes from green to white”, looking at how thick it was in places I began to speculate what the weather was like in Haltwhistle as according to the weather it was supposed to be a light snow, this being the reason for not camping as with a summer sleeping back, camping out in the snow, which was suppose to change to heavy snow overnight, didn’t thrill me as a first pleasurable camping experience. Passing on the journey I spotted numerous streams running through woods, trickling mini waterfalls which made me incredibly jealous of being on the train, just a passerby. I also found it quite a amusing at the time as the wind whistled through the windows of the train, as we was stopping at ‘Haltwhistle’.

On arrival at the destination, we left the comfort of the train and put our hat and gloves on as it was noticeably windy and nippy. We also had a quick discussion at which direction we was heading to “find a mountain” as Hattie said, this was when I piped up that whilst browsing Google maps I came across a Lake Wood with a lake in the middle of the wood which sounded interesting. We agreed that finding this wood would be an adventure and set off over the train bridge where we was met by a river, we crossed the bridge and that’s when I saw two horses in the field and insisted on saying Hello, after being dragged away we continued along a road seeing a furthermore 8 horses and ponies and me being me well, got a little bit excited. It was probably best I didn’t say hello to these as I would have been there all day and this expedition was certainly not aimed at finding horses.


After crossing a main road, we came across a field and a little wood which we explored and came across loads of rabbits and their burrows. Heading back onto the side road (Plenmeller Rd) with a walking stick I’d picked up just to feel more hiker-ish. We continued walking on this road for about half an hour, stopping every now and then to admire the view, we came across a public footpath sign to Broomhouse common 1/1/4 away. After a quick check on Google maps to check which direction Lake Wood was in, we decided to take the footpath after contemplating about going through as two Highland Cows were stood by the gate, I must say at first I was a bit nervous of the horns, wouldn’t fancy being on the wrong side of them and getting charged at. After Hattie had shoed to cows away we ventured in the gate thinking, if they were dangerous they wouldn’t be on a public footpath. The cows in actual fact were not fussed about our presence but merely looked at us as we walked past sticking close to the wall.

Continuing along the muddy footpath, we soon came to a field, which led onto another containing a wood. We entered the wood, which had a light covering of snow showing, rabbit and deer prints clearly. We headed in a straight line towards the middle of the wood, and we soon came across a gap in through the trees in which we both gasped and realised it was water, it was the lake of Lake Wood. My hard pounding, adrenaline rushing through me, we’d found it what we set out to achieve. To get down closer to the lake, it required a descend down a fairly steep slope, after disposing of my first walking stick due to it not helping matters and just being a pain, I picked up another to help with the walk down. It was fairly easily to walk down, despite it looking steep, it was just avoiding the rabbit holes and checking the snow wasn’t covering any.

I really had to stop and take it all in, it truly was a stunning view. We sat close to the water to take it all in, it was so tranquil, the only noise was the sound of a Pheasant.  Soon realising I needed to pee, I attempted my first wild pee, which I can honestly say failed I couldn’t make myself do it and it something I need to work on.


After taking in the view, we decided to head back up the slope, and walk round and investigative the hut on the other side.  On reaching the other side we found out it was a locked boathouse, with two boats left outside. I think we both wanted to go in the boats and go out for a paddle, but decided against as neither of us had rowed before, and we was in the middle of nowhere and hadn’t seen another human being since the train.


We decided to head back through the opposite wood and came across, some rabbits and the Pheasant which had been making a hell of a lot of noise. After trekking through this wood, which linked back to the cow field, we made it back to the road. We then continued to walk this road, nattering on about how beautiful the lake and wood was. We arrived back at the station and after a short wait, sat on the floor of a very busy train and arrived back in Carlisle at 7pm.


Photo’s for sale – Expedition Fundraising

Hey guys. Next year as part of an expedition module we get to go on expedition to anywhere in the world. I would love to go to Africa or Canada  and in order to achieve this I need to start fundraising now to help with costs. I have set up a fundraising gallery that contains photographs I have taken since starting University. Please can you check it out and possibly buy some prints and spread the word ? It’d be much appreciated.
The gallery consists of Equine, Wildlife and Nature shots.
Over the coming months I will be adding more pictures and will be re-posting the link when I have. Please share and spread the word 🙂
Thank you!:)