As a photographer my main focus is Equine and Wildlife. But from time to time I like to try different things such as portrait. Last Sunday I did just this, I have been busy working lately which means lack of searching for and photographing wildlife – although there is plenty at work such as Red Kites, House Martins, Swallows, Green Woodpeckers and Rabbits. Anyway whilst at work a few weeks ago we went for quite a few walk hacks on the site as it was too hot to do too much. This means I can look around and truly take in the beauty of the area. The meadow grass attracts an array of butterflies which have flew right past, fluttering and lingering around before flying off. Also the views are quite spectacular. So on are hack we pass a poppy field and so we got talking about how beautiful it is, someone then said they’d love to have a photoshoot in the field. I then piped up about how I’m always looking for people to practice on as I have only taking pictures of a friend I know really well so it doesn’t faze me. So we organised to do this shoot last Sunday and here are a few of my favourites 🙂