Finland: 17/04/2014 – Day 1

Woke up feeling refreshed after all the traveling the day before, we looked out the window this morning and was fascinated by the amount of snow we could see! We could also see a frozen lake and it all looks very pretty. Stepped outside in my pj’s, I must say my first reaction was that it was a little bit nippy. Once showered, dressed, fed and watered (sugar and salt water is yucky….I was dehydrated still), we went to explore.

The snow is very deep, it comes up to my knees, wow!!. The scenery it very pretty, its lovely so much snow and so many trees!. The snow is also like ice not soft and fluffy, we explored opposite the centre down a path before trying to get down to the lake but found the snow got deeper and deeper so decided to backtrack.

After our explore, we packed our camera bags and rested until lunch (3pm…odd lunch time?). I think I may have eaten reindeer not sure what the burger meat was, tasted different but nice, with carrots, potatoes and salad.

At 4pm we set off to the hide! Started off in a jeep then swapped onto a snowmobile which was fun! I think I enjoyed that part a little too much. As soon as we got to the hide we had only just walked through the door and a bear had already come! Crazy!. The bears stayed a few hours, drifted away before coming back again. We saw 3 bears at once it was unbelievable, they are not as big as I would have thought either. We also saw a number of white tailed eagles too! They are huge!!!

Other birds seen today include: Great tit, marsh tit, bullfinch, chaffinch, crows, ravens and great spotted woodpecker.

I got trigger happy and took over 800 pictures (oops) so here is a couple 🙂

P.s – I will write next one in a couple of days time 🙂


Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)

Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)

White Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)



16/04/14 – Travel Day.

So the day has come, travel day. Woke up around 6ish got ready and double checked bags before leaving for the airport as the flight was at 10am. I felt sick with nerves and excitement in the car (or it was just because I was trying to finish my book in the car).

Check in was quick and bag was underweight limit (phew), waited around to board the plane with Katie and Hattie before our 3 hour flight to Helsinki. Once landed in Helsinki we had quite a bit of waiting around to do as our flight out to Kajaani left at 8.40pm. Our time was spent wandering the airport, finding somewhere to eat dinner (Pizza at a place called Caesars) and trying to hunt down the grocery shot to buy some supplies, I ended up getting apples, cucumber, water and a chocolate bar.

Soon enough it was time for our flight, I had trouble with my camera bag on this flight as it was too big for the overhead locker…we landed 1 hour and 15mins later at the rather small airport in Kajaani.

We was greeted by the transfer person and another guest staying with Martinselkonen. The place was a 2 hour drive away from the airport so we loaded up and set off. There is tons of trees over in Finland, I couldn’t quite believe it, when we were landed in Helsinki it looked really dry, flat and a bit like Spain…but now there is just trees, trees and more trees! At first I was really disappointed there wasn’t any snow but then about an hour into the drive there was snow! by the time we arrived there was tons of it!.

In the car the guide pointed out artic hare, slight northern lights and I think I may have saw a moose (it was a large animal near the side of the road but too dark to be certain). During the journey the guide got out the car and called to owls, the owls didn’t answer but it was rather nippy outside!

We arrived got shown the accommodation and headed off to bed.

So that’s a blog from about the travel day, unfortunately I haven’t got any pictures from this day so I will upload a picture separately this evening and will blog about day 1 in two days time :).


Finland #1

Finland #1

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