So the rumours are true…..

There are terrapins down the local park and today I saw three. About a month ago my mum said she saw one down the park, but when going to look it ended up been just a lump on the log. Then recently when walking through the park and eavesdropping on peoples conversations I heard them mention the terrapins and how they either saw them or didn’t. So this morning I went to look and there they were. Two on one log then saw another on at the far end of the pond.

The Red-eared terrapin(Trachemys scriptia elgans)  is not native to the UK and is becoming common in park ponds, lakes and waterways and is often seen in sunny weather. In the wild they feed on fish, frogs, tadpoles, water insects, water places, various larvae, words and water snails. These terrapins I suspect where dumped by previous owners unable to cope with looking after them.

In the early 1990s thousands of red eared terrapins were brought by fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtle cartoon. According to experts they have seen examples of ponds stripped of wildlife by two or three terrapins. And one website suggests reporting them to the RSPCA.

An article from the Independent can also be read here:

Here are some pictures from this morning: