Finland: 24/04/14 – Day 8

Today we went to the Santa village (being tourists for the day….or kids). We got a bus from the station, though I must say it looked more like a coach and you get on the bus, from the other side then what you do on the UK, was slightly confused for a second.

Once we got there it look different then expected, it was deadly quiet, loads of shops and not much snow :P.Though there was tons of nice things in the shops, I couldn’t resit a go on a swing, which was iced over underneath and I fell through…opps. After looking around we stopped for lunch before continuing shopping and getting the bus back. The time we got the bus back happened to be school time, so we ended up sharing the bus with the school kids. Once back in Rovenimeni we wandered round the town for a bit and visiting the supermarket.


IMG_3126 IMG_3130

Finland: 23/04/14 – Day 7

Wow its been a week already?!. I woke up feeling slightly groggy and boiling (strange waking up in a warm room and bed rather than a hide). After getting ready and breakfast we walked into the town centre to look around and find tourist information. The centre looks a lot better to the outskirts, much more modern. We also popped into the souvenir shop ;).

The tourist information booked us onto a 3 hour snow shoeing trip later that day, we headed back to the guesthouse to get ready for our trip. At 1.30pm we got picked up and drove to the office to get the equipment (snow boots and a big puffy overall). The forest was a 20-30 minute drive out of Rovenimeni and here there was tons of snow compared to the town.


It took me awhile to figure out how to put the snow shoe on, once this was done we set off (I sunk a lot, I think I’m heavy footed). It was actually pretty simple and fun, though running is a different story! I only fell over twice! the last time my stick got stuck in the ground…not sure how that happened. It was good fun though :).

Later on we had dinner in the town centre at a place called Martina.