A spring walk – 12/03/14

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk to Rickerby Park (I was debating about going for a walk this way or along the Caldew but opted for Rickerby seeing as I haven’t been there in awhile. So off I trotted, in a world of my own until I reached the grassy path, I then went on the lookout for birds, or anything I could find.

After walking for about 20 minutes, I had a little tapping coming from a tree above me, I looked up to scan for what was making the noise and found a pair of nuthatches tapping on the branches. I struggled to keep an eye on them, as they kept moving and flying about, but here’s a picture I did manage to get. (I also received a few looks from people walking past, who were trying to figure out what was so interesting in the tree)


Moving on I headed along a path by the river near the owl and kestrel boxes, walking along I heard the familiar sound of a woodpecker drumming, grinning away to myself I walk along peering up at the trees, to see where the noise was coming from. Soon enough I spotted a flash of red at a top of a tree, and saw the Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming away. No sooner had I saw it, it moved to another tree. Staying were I was, I waited to see if it would come back the original tree, moving slightly to get a better view of the branches, it soon flew back, drummed again and then another woodpecker came along, they flew off to the other side of the river bank before returning minutes later zipping above and around my head – I must have looked a right one grinning and beaming away to myself at the pure joy of the site of woodpeckers. Next thing I know a third pecker comes along, there’s a lot of noise at this point they all fly off disappear for a bit come back fly above my head a few more times and zip across to the other side of the park, I hear more drumming noises and move along the path a little bit towards a bench to see where they went. About 5 minutes later two woodpeckers return to a nearby tree, and then another 2 and all 4 fly off in the same direction! I think my grin was spreading across my face even more at this point because I couldn’t believe it, 4 peckers at once! Flying quite close to me too!


Happy with this, I set off to walk back home looking up at the trees once more and caught site of a pair of peckers mating…

So yeah that was my walk yesterday! Also saw chaffinch, blue and great tits and loads of frogs….:)ImageImage