Finland #1

Finland #1

So I am back from Finland and have over 1000 pictures and videos to look through. I am planning on writing a blog about my trips and will put a couple of pictures in from the days I talk about, … Continue reading

Two posts in one.

I decided to put three short posts in one as I was meant to do one last Sunday but have been quite busy with work.

So last Saturday I got up early to look for foxes again and didn’t have much luck at all, although I’m pretty sure I heard one in the bushes. In fact I didn’t see much at all this morning and only took three pictures that morning which is pretty shocking. On Saturday I also went to Leicester to visit family and in the evening we went to the speedway. I tagged along hoping to practice photography and have a play around but unfortunately only official photographers where allowed to take pictures so I only managed to get some pictures of the mascots going around at the beginning.

And then yesterday I went to Larks Hill (which I have been to previously and not realised it was this place) to look for Barn owls as according to a leaflet Barn Owls and Hobby’s have been spotted there. My brother at football at 8pm so we went after dropping him off and had a walk around, no luck with the owl though saw plenty of pigeons, swallows and moths though. There was quite a few noisy dog walkers as well, but I am going to go along next week and try again. Also once my leg is better (horse riding injury) I plan to hop on my bicycle and do some early mornings as it only takes 15 minutes by car.

I am still convinced I should have my camera strapped to my neck at work as I seem to see plenty there when it’s not practical to have my camera. Plenty of Red Kites, Green Woodpeckers, House Martins, Swallows, Pied Wagtails and even a pair of Egyptian goose grazing in the fields.