Racehorse Rescue Centre

So this week I spent three days volunteering with the Racehorse Rescue Centre in Carlisle.

The Racehorse rescue centre is run completely on volunteers and rescues ex racehorses to retrain and rehome, they also run therapy sessions for injured soldiers and people with disabilities.

I really enjoyed the couple of days I spent helping out and am looking forward to returning in September. I met some lovely people and horses too and got the opportunity to ride two of them! Both of which were lovely 🙂
I managed to get a few snaps so have a looksee, I am also planning a fundraiser for when I am back in September so stay tuned at http://www.facebook.com/louisegroomphotography.

Be sure to check out the Racehorse Rescue Centres Page and website too!









Volunteering – 16.03.14

Volunteered with the Solway Wetlands today at Finglandrigg to plant devils bit scabious to help the habitat to attract the Marsh Fritillary butterfly!

After planting 220 of these plants we walked to an area where the Marsh Fritillary baby caterpillars are! They were all clustered together and were rather small!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera this morning so didn’t get any pictures, but it was a good day nonetheless! 🙂

But on the good side, the Solway Wetland uploaded some pictures to facebook! Here are a few links, be sure to check them out!

Digging away 🙂

Planting away

Baby Marsh Fritillary caterpillars :)!

Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary – Project Day (By Louise Groom)

Volunteering Blog

On 19th April 2013 myself and a number of other volunteers volunteered at Wetheriggs Zoo & Animal Sanctuary for a project day with the University of Cumbria. Wetheriggs is a family run animal rescue centre and zoo situated in Clifton Dykes, near Penrith at the old Wetheriggs Pottery site.

IMG_4887  IMG_5119IMG_5025IMG_4959

Wetheriggs is in their 7th year of animal rescue and currently has about 1500 animals. 70% are rescues and 30% are conservation. 15 species are category A listed at Wetheriggs. Wetheriggs also do a lot with the rare breeds survival trust.

Once arriving at the centre we was spilt into groups which were then rotated at points during the day. Jobs that were carried out were; gravelling the car park, this involved a good pair of muscles and hard work. Though the satisfaction of seeing how far the car park had come in a day was worth it!. Other jobs…

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Community I.T Session 1 2013

Wednesday 13th February 2013 held the first community IT session of the year run by volunteer project leaders, Hattie, Louise, Jack, Nathan and Richard and other volunteers.

Although sessions are aimed at the elderly all ages are welcome to attend if they have little or no basic knowledge of IT. Several members of the community turned up to the session, a fantastic result. Hattie delivered a short presentation introducing the session and what it aimed to achieve. As well as introducing the volunteers of course. Volunteers began the session while Louise and Richard began writing this short article about the session. The atmosphere in the room was one of vibrancy and relaxation giving voice to the feeling within.


The above pictures show volunteers teaching I.T to the community.

Sylvia, one of the attendants of the session described the session as constructive and helpful in meeting what she came to learn about.


Above left: Jack teaching I.T to Sylvia. Above Right: Richard asking for feedback from Syliva.

Sue said she found the session socially enjoyable and helpful in dragging back up memories of how to use a computer.IMG_3869IMG_3893

Above left: Mari teaching Sue I.T. Above right: Richard interviewing Sue about the session.

Alan, found Nathan’s explanation of the updated version of word useful.

IMG_3878 IMG_3900

Above Left: Nathan teaching I.T to Alan. Above Right: Richard asking for Alans feedback on the session.

John, who had never used a computer before in his life, said it was a new experience engaging in learning about how computers work.

After the session had ended Richard and Louise caught up with the Project leaders and other volunteers to find out how they felt the session went. Here are their opinions:

Nathan thought the session went really good and felt Alan benefited well from the session as he wanted to brush up on his skills. Nathan felt that Alan was engaging well with the content of the session.

Jack enjoyed the session and said it was a good experience. He enjoyed the session a lot.

Mari described the session as a grand and wonderful experience.

Hattie believes John made a significant improvement by the end of the session and believes the experience to have been a valuable one.


Above: Richard wrapping the session up.

The session ended with a casual chat over tea and biscuits. From Louise and Richard’s perspective the session was an invigorating experience for everyone. We felt the session went to plan and we are looking forward to the next session.

IMG_3857 IMG_3860

Above left: Richard typing away final article. Above right: Louise writing draft article.

Article by Louise Groom and Richard Mason.

Photography: Louise Groom (www.facebook.com/louisegroomphotography)