Long Exposures

Whilst on holiday last week, I decided to have a play with long exposures. I’ve dabbled a bit with long exposures of the past few years but not as much I’d like, for various reasons. One being going out alone in the dark to somewhere with no light pollution with camera makes me nervous, I mean what if someone comes along and steals my pride and joy for example? What am I going to do? It’s not like I’m the bravest and can fight back! (or maybe I’m being overly dramatic) Perhaps when I can drive I’d be more inclined to and just stay by the car.

This year we were lucky to be staying overlooking the sea! At first I thought about walking to the local beach about a 15-minute walk again, but alas the fear was there. Instead, I stayed on the patio in an attempt to get some sea and stars!

The first night didn’t go down overly well as I forgot how hard it is to focus in the dark. After many attempts shining a torch on the nearest bush I called it a night settling on this:


The following night, it was glorious once again the stars out and the bats flying around under the street lights. I was gasping in awe. Now, this time before it got dark I went out and set my camera up to make sure it was focuses… why did I not think of that before?!

I played around for a bit and got these:


I then headed inside and packed my gear away.

And then this happened.

I’d headed up to bed sometime later and was about to draw my curtains. I looked out the window to find the sky covered in a vast array of star. There was so many more out than what I’d noticed a few hours earlier! So what did I do? I unpacked my gear and set myself up at the window of course!

There I was gazing out the window patiently waiting for the camera to finish taking the picture, when a flash shot through the sky which was quite bright. In a world of my own I shot back to life gasping and muttering to myself…woah was that a shoot star? Well I can say that when I looked at my camera, it was indeed a shooting star.

It’s a shame about the curtain and window in the picture but hey, I got my first shooting star photo!

Later on the week (after two raining days and a cloudy one) I managed to persuade my family to hang around after dinner in the town Looe, for me to try and get some long exposures on the beach and by the harbour. I also had a little play at the other end of town the following night, by a river.

On another note, I have recently ordered an ND filter to have a play around with so once I have that and had the chance to get out and have a go I’ll share that too!


If any one has any hints/tips for long exposures please let me know! 🙂



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