Florence – 27/04/18: Day 1

Back in April last year I went of a solo trip to Florence & Pisa. I’ve been meaning to write a blog for ages, but never seemed to get round to it and I just found my travel journal and it doesn’t seem I wrote as much as what I can remember…either that or I wrote an lengthier version and can’t remember what notebook I wrote it in! Ha-ha.

I actually travelled to London the day before and stayed in a hotel local to Stansted airport as the flight was early in the morning and I didn’t want to risk the trains getting me there in time to check in etc (it also meant I got more of a lie in, which for anyone that knows me, is very important).

Anyway I successfully arrived at Florence airport and once I collected my baggage I found my way to the train ticket office. As my plan was to get the train into Florence and then navigate my way to the hotel. Well I got the ticket but then looked it and realised it said somewhere completely different to where I wanted to go and I couldn’t actually find how to get to the train (probably me being a bit dim and getting easily confused) I ended up getting the bus instead and actually I don’t know why I didn’t just do this in the first place. It meant more time soaking up the surroundings of the journey  and well you should have heard the collective gasps of everyone on the bus when we went over a bridge just before arriving in Florence – it was a beautiful site you could see the city of Florence in the distance, the river Arno and multiple bridges. I think everyone made either an oooo or an ahhhhh noise!

Once off the bus, I will admit I did get a little lost trying to find my hotel. The bus stop wasn’t really near the centre but more towards the outside of the city and it was little confusing trying to find my way to the other side of the river where I was staying. I am going to put a little blame on google maps as it seemed to send me in the opposite direction to what I needed or tell me I was going to right way but then change its mind (either that or its my bad navigational skills). I was quite warm by this point as it was 27/28oc and I was dressed for the British cold weather I had left behind, along with lugging my suitcase and my camera bag around. Eventually I found my way to the river (it was down a little side street (I had originally gone down then changed my mind and turned back around) and across the road. I crossed the bridge and found the hotel straight the way but I couldn’t open the door so immediately I thought great I’ve booked somewhere that’s closed down or something suddenly panicking. I walked around to see if there was another entrance but to no luck so tried the door and found the buzzer and was let in after a couple of minutes *phew*. I checked in and unpacked and just chilled for a bit before going off for a walk to the Piazzale Michelangelo it was a little bit of a trek with some steep climbs but it was so worth it and you’ll be happy to know I didn’t get lost, not even once! I soaked up the views and took plenty of pictures before wandering up to the Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte before wandering back down to find somewhere for tea before hitting the hay for the night.

Here are some photos from Day 1:

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